Annual health review text messages

We will be sending out text messages to patients due an annual health review. We ask you to click on a link in the message to access the annual review. Please help us to help you by clicking on the link and following the instructions. When you click on the link we will collect some information from you and give you some information back about your health. Communicating with us this way helps us to prioritise those that need to be seen in person at the surgery whilst keeping those that are well at home or at work. Prioritisation will help us to quickly see those who need us most. We hope this will be safer, and more convenient for you.

Please be reassured that every piece of information you provide is reviewed by our Davenal and Stoke health team who will contact you back where you need extra advice to keep well. To assure you the text message is genuine it will include your name and the health conditions that the annual review relates to.